Eternal Apprentice :: Michael Newton & Emmalea Russo

Video trailer for Emmalea Russo & Michael Newton's Eternal Apprentice


Eternal Apprentice is the fourth essay in the Poetics of the Handmade Series, which asks writer-bookmakers to discuss the whys, hows, and wherefores of micropress publishing. 

Small press publishers and other makers are invited to trade for a copy of this essay: please email to discuss trades. Otherwise, the book costs $5.


Emmalea Russo and Michael Newton are members of the Ugly Duckling Presse Editorial Collective and respectively, UDP's Presse Manager and Development Director. Emmalea is an artist and writer, a regular reviewer for artcritical, and the author of the chapbooks CLEAR1NG (Dancing Girl Press, 2014), book of southern and water (Poor Claudia, 2013), and the artist book, they (Gauss PDF, 2014). Michael is a writer and an associate editor at Zone Books. His writing has appeared in several journals and he regularly contributes comedy sketches to the podcast 40 Story Radio Tower. Together, Emmalea and Michael form the Institute for Advanced Research, an ever-shifting platform for the development of collaborative writing and research techniques.Eternal Apprentice is the first manifestation; the second manifestation, Eternal Amateur, is currently incubating.